Ice hotel in Sweden

Ice hotel in Sweden Icehotel is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. Founded in 1989, it is reborn in a new guise every winter, in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi – 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. This winter season there is big news— a whole new ice experience to [...]

Town house in London

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Palacio in Rome

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New York penthouse

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Loft in Paris

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Loft in Berlin

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Cave hotel in Italy

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105 Luxury condomiums in Kuala Lumpur

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Industrial chique villa

Industrial Chique Villa Bathrooms The owners of this minimalistic villa gave their bathrooms an industrial chique look with COCOON stainless steel taps, free standing bath and placed the COCOON custom made basins and bathroom cabinet in an unusual but original setting. They even converted the smallest room of the house into some thing really [...]

Ibiza – Seafront Villa

Ibiza - Seafront villa This spectacular project has been designed by the architects of the COCOON Project Division. The villa boasts 7 bathrooms all equipped with the latest matte black stainless steel taps, custom washbasins and bathtubs all designed by our designer Piet Boon. COCOON products in this project: Solid white Baths & Custom [...]

Marriott Hotel

Marriott Hotel The 40th anniversary of the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel is celebrated with a huge renovation. The celebrated Dutch designer Piet Boon will fit all the hotel‘s rooms with a new warm modern design. The first COCOON taps have already been installed in the Pilot rooms. Sustainable and water saving taps from COCOON are [...]

Concrete Studio

Concrete Studio In Amsterdam, there is only 1 place to go if you are looking for the best choice of Beton-Ciree (micro cement). Other than tiling your bathroom, the concrete is smooth and will add a warm atmosphere. Viae Studio offers that and we equipped the showroom with the Atlantis bath, solid surface wash-bowl [...]

Amsterdam canal house

Amsterdam canal house We love to cooperate with Amna Mulabegovich from We Create.Interiors. She is a perfectionist and all her interior designs are stunning and personal. She converted a canal house into an urban luxury residence. We helped her getting the bathrooms right and produced customized solid surface washbasins and stainless steel bathroom taps COCOON [...]

Bloomingdale Lofts

Bloomingdale Lofts The developer of a luxury residence building near the sea, choose for COCOON to deliver all baths, taps, showers, mirrors and specially produced giant herringbone floor for each of the 5 big Loft apartments. The white basins and baths combine great with the warmth of the wooden floors. COCOON Products used in [...]

Farm House

Restored Farm House Just a small bit north of Amsterdam, the landscape turns pittoresk immediately and the owners of this project wanted to return something back to their inheritance. They built a totally new villa with preserving the original building style, but transforming the inside to their  modern needs. Architect: Tim Derhaag COCOON Products [...]

ZEN bathrooms

ZEN Bathrooms At one of the most precious canals of Amsterdam, this old 'Pakhuys' has been transformed to a luxury estate. COCOON delivered all bathrooms, floors and lights for this project. The micro-cement and pebble tile walls and floors make the design of the bathrooms really ZEN like.. The waterfall rain shower makes waking up [...]

Contemporary House

Contemporary House The colorful glazed old Dutch tiles make the bathroom on the attic a wonderful place bathing in light. The master bathroom has been transformed to another wellness en-suite.. The Salinas bath by COCOON offers enough space for 2 people to indulge in its comforting warm water COCOON products used in this project: [...]

Bulthaup Showroom

Bulthaup Showroom At the Olympic Stadion in Amsterdam-South, COCOON transformed a part of the kitchen studio into a COCOON design apartment. Here you can feel how it is to make COCOON your comfort zone. Visit us! ← Back to all projects

Forestial Villa

Forestial Villa In the rich forests of the Gooi is a house where the owner immerses himself into the soothing nature of his warm design villa with 6 complete COCOON design bathrooms. Taps are from our previous collection. COCOON products used in this project: Salinas Bath tubs [...]

modern villa

Modern Villa Bathrooms In this modern villa, COCOON delivered all the everlasting stainless steel taps, bathtubs and minimalistic wash basins. COCOON products used in this project: Atlantis luxury Bath Float160 minimalistic free hanging basin ← Back to all projects

urban penthouse

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Flow Amsterdam

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London bathrooms

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London luxury

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