We have a passion for craftsmanship, timeless design and natural materials that beautify with age

Our clients are our reflections. They are open-minded, dynamic individuals and businesses who appreciate real quality and life itself. Our products are designed to make people happy, bring comfort and embrace personal identity. The idea is so pure that “Cocooning” became a true lifestyle. Nowadays, people have more need to be able to escape from the hectic and fast world we are living in and that is why home really should feel like home. A safe and warm place.  A place where you come to rest, but also get inspired. A space for Transformation.  A Cocoon…


Making timeless and sturdy design is only one side of the coin.. By using real sustainable materials and having the right people shaping these into pieces of usable art, our products will even make the difference after decades of use.

We are proud that the people working at our production studios exactly understand our vision.

In Italy near the idyllic Lago Maggiore, true craftsmen shape our taps and showers from noble stainless steel by hand and machine. New ideas from our designers offer a fresh look on tried and tested artisanal skills to make unique products according to traditional production values. In the same area the stonemasons from which their grandfathers were responsible for building the Dome in Milan, now use the latest cutting- edge technology on locally sourced marble, natural stone and modern sustainable materials like Silestone to produce our wash basins. The production of our Solid Surface collection and made-to-measure basins takes place in our advanced workshop in the Netherlands and the cabinets are made by our partner Warendorf Kitchen, which was founded by Miele in 1973. We definitely believe that these decades of combined experience will reflect in every single product we make.


The Team

COCOON’s team is a family. One big, diverse, and multidisciplinary team. It all starts with our architects and designers, but the collection could only be so successful with all the people in our team giving 100% commitment like our super skilled production employees, product engineers, project managers, sales-reps, exclusive showroom partners, photographers, the after sales service team and all other individuals helping us to be that brand to be proud of. Making good products and the world a little better, simply satisfies us and keeps us going.

Meet our designers

Piet Boon

COCOON has the pleasure of working with studio Piet Boon, one of the most renown Dutch design studios.

Piet Boon designs contemporary architecture, interiors and customised products for the international luxury market.

Piet Boon is responsible for the new COCOON taps, showers, basins and bathroom furniture collection.
The Piet Boon taps and showers will have a distinctive shape and will be available in matte “Gunpowder Black”, matte “Raw Copper” and matte “brushed stainless steel” finishings. The taps breathe sophistication by simplicity due to the technology to operate the single lever mixers over 2 axes.
The basins will be made from precious marbles and natural stones in combination with high-end bathroom cabinets made by a German top-of-the-bill kitchen producer.

Natasja Molenaar

Multi-talented Natasja Molenaar is the “secret weapon” behind the international interior design projects by COCOON. Seb & Jessie already work with Natasja for many years as she even designed their first home in Amsterdam. Like no other she and her team hold the technical aspects and functionality in mind. Each project results in a beautiful interior that bears the personal stamp of the client.

Natasha: “The transformation of a space is different at each job” It is a beautiful challenge to merge the unique needs and requirements of the client with the existing characteristics of the project, and thus create a perfect space where the customer can really come home.

Seb Ackerstaff & Jessie Verdonschot

For Seb Ackerstaff and Jessie Verdonschot, known as Seb & Jes, life without quality is not an option and quality without life neither. With this motto they have founded COCOON in 2005. To get the most of life you have to leave your comfort zone and explore. On the other hand, to do this and be successful and happy in general, it is important that you have a place to reload for your new adventures and achievements. A place you call home. A place to COCOON..

“With our collections we try to expand the comfort zones of people who want to make most of life”

Thanks to their talent for beautiful design, they are also taking care of the interior design for large projects. This has already led to successful projects in cities including Amsterdam, Ibiza, London, USA and Dubai.


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